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hockey terms

because gatekeeping is for dudebros.

knowing every little hockey term isn't necessary to enjoy the game, but sometimes when you're listening to one of the talking heads yammer on about 'free agency' or 'escrow', it's nice to have a little bit of an idea of what it all means.

there's a huge barrier to entry in becoming a hockey fan, and a lot of it revolves around hyperspecific game- and contract-related terminology that for whatever reason doesn't come up as much in other sports leagues. my goal with this page is to break down some contracting stuff to help get you through free agency and the offseason, along with some more common game terms you can reference while you're watching.

coming soon!

got any requests on what else to include? suggestions on how to make the language more understandable? send me an email, or contact me with the button below!

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